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PART #BW3 - 14" SOLID Front & Rear Idler Wheel
BW3 Solid Front/Rear Idler Wheel

PART #BW3 - 14" SOLID Front & Rear Idler Wheel

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Part Number:#BW3

Bair's Best Selling Wheel!!

14" Solid, Heat Treated Idler wheels that fit on the ends of a Factory or Bair's Front or Rear Idler Axle.
Wheel wears evenly or smoothly, will not crack, chunk or crevice like factory rubber wheels. Bolts on the same as factory wheels with 1/2" grade 8 bolts (sold separately). 
Wheels do not have to be replaced at one time on the undercarriage, they can be changed out per each axle as the rubber wheels wear out. There are three wheels per each axle for this machine. The two outer wheels are solid and slide over each end of the axle.
The center wheel is split or cut in half and bolts around the center of the body of the axle housing.

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