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BW9 10" Bogie wheel with bolt pattern on outer edge


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Part Number:#BW9

Depending if you have the Single or Dual Level Suspension undercarriage - the 10" Intermediate Bogie Wheels will either have the same bolt pattern for all four bogie wheels per axle or the two inner wheels closest to the machine's frame will have a different bolt pattern than the outer two wheels.

The machine will have 4 or 5 rows of intermediate axles which determines the quantity of Bogie wheels.

Wheel Part #BW9 – Two inner wheels have a star shaped bolt pattern. Holes are on tabs around the inner edge of wheel.

Wheel Part #BW10 – Two outer wheels have a circular bolt pattern in the center of the wheel.

SINGLE LEVEL SUSPENSIONS - 5 Rows of axles per side.  The two inner bogie wheels and the two outer bogie wheels have different bolt patterns. 

20qty - 10" wheels per side. (10qty Part #BW9 & 10qty Part #BW10) per side 

DUAL LEVEL SUSPENSIONS - 4 Rows of axles. All intermediate bogie wheels have same bolt pattern. Part #BW9 16qty - 10" wheels per side. (32qty both sides)

Please visually check the bolt pattern of your machine's inner and outer bogie wheels prior to ordering.

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