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Part Number:MAT2
Work Mat Foam - 

6' Long piece of solid foam that works great around the shop or kept in mechanics trucks, etc.

Lay it on top of steel tracks, truck frames or under machinery while working. The foam will give your knees and body a barrier when working in odd and small areas.

Foam is water and mildew resistant - lay it on wet or muddy ground and not get wet! Use power washer to hose off if needed.

Purchase two or more and zip them together for a wider work space underneath a large dozer or to be placed on top of rocky ground.

You can also cut the foam into various sizes to fit in smaller spaces around machinery and trucks.

This is a Clearance Part that Bair Products manufactures for "Aqua Stack Mat" -  A Floating Water Mat made for Boating / Lakes
These mats do not pass quality control and they turned out to be great work mats.   

Each mat is a solid piece of foam in 72" width x 2' long with an outer cover that is zipped over the foam.
The mats have 3qty large grommets that can be used as handles or to hang up. Cover is a heavy duty weighted outdoor material but can be cut off if needed.

Sold As Is, No Warranty or Return

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