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Part Number:#AX4

Intermediate Bogie Axle Assembly for 18" Frames   (Assembly Only - No Wheels)


CAT 267 / 277 / 287 & B Machines

ASV RC 85, 100, RCV

**Includes wheel plates

**Single Tapered Bearings at both ends

**Rebuildable - Internal parts and axle shaft can be purchased separately

**Grease Filled, Greaseable - No Liquid Oil

With the tube full of grease, water will not be able to condensate which means no more corrosion on the bearings when properly maintained.
Assembly has a Shielded Grease Fitting for lubrication of bearings with a grease gun. Use standard grease such as a #2 for re-lubrication or something similar.

Purgeable Seals - When grease is seen slightly coming out of the seal, the axle assembly is full. 
This style of seal allows moisture or contaminants to purge out of the assembly but cannot re-enter.

Tapered bearings at both ends. The same bearing used in the Front/Rear Idler Assemblys.  Durability is now increased greatly.

Install rubber factory wheels*** or upgrade to Bair's heavy duty, Alloy wheels for a longer wear life.

    ***Due to the larger sized tapered bearings on Bair Axles, when installing rubber factory wheels, the plastic center hole on the factory wheel will need to be slightly increased. 

Take a die grinder or file to slightly grind out the inner plastic and the wheel will slide onto the axle assembly.

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